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Where should I start?

As a beginner, you should follow the series this way


Start Here:GDScript Fundamentals

In this series I go over every possible aspect of the GDScript programming language. Expect to get brawl beaten with GDScript knowledge, so come prepared to take notes.


Then Here:Godot Basics

Once you've finished the GDScript Fundamental Tutorial Series, you and I will then dive into understanding the Godot Game Engine Application. I go over into detail every possible aspect of the engine, you will understand how everything works in detail.


Finish Here:Tackle Harder Series

Once you've got a basic grasp of GDScript and the Godot game application, you will have the tools to tackle videos from other channels, tutorials, and any of my more advance series.


Are you still on the fence about learning programming? Well then, check out these comments from real people!

Hello Sir, I just want to thank you for your lessons, they are invaluable! This whole channel is criminally underrated and I can't express my gratitude for all the content and the fantastic way you explain it. Your vast knowledge brings light not only over GDscript, but over all matters of programming and good practices. Please in the future make some tutorials for more in depth game concepts with some basic examples from different style of games - strategy, platformer. I am interested in the class structure and best practices.

Delyan Ninov

Your videos are absolutely fantastic! Not tutorials, but training. I learn how things work so I can go and apply it to anything rather than getting stuck in the tutorial loop desert. Funnily enough this video was recommended this morning on YT and it talks about exactly what I was thinking I needed to look up for something I was working on last night with my player selection UI menu! Thanks for all the help!


I am loving this series, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You have a natural talent for teaching in a way that really packs information in without feeling overwhelming - I can tell each example is carefully thought out to demonstrate multiple concepts and reinforce ideas. I plan to have my son use this tutorial once he is older, so I hope you keep it up!

David H

I just finished the series. That was really helpful. Starting from more or less the beginning I feel I can really understand the language far, far better. I had been going through the documentation and other tutorials here and there and I kept finding myself asking "but why put that there?" and now I'm finding that I can much more easily make sense of scripts when I see them. Thanks for all the work it took to put this series together.


I have just completed all tutorials on your channel. May I say the best series so far out of many I have watched. This series should be linked from the Godot resource page. I have worked with the Godot engine for a few months and having a blast. My background in programming started with Fortran, Delphi, LiveCode, and Python.

Patrick Roza

This whole series is the kind of raw, boring, to the point information I needed to get started from scratch. No pointless copying, this guy explains the why's and how's. Fantastic stuff.

Will M

Frequently asked question

It will help if you learn all about Godot here on my website. You can find other places to get familiar with Godot and programming on my Trello page as well.
The Godot Game Engine has a low learning curve. You could get away with an excellent game without writing a single line of code. If you are trying to get a job in the game industry, go with Unreal or Unity. It's for simplicity why Godot is one of the best game engines to learn. If you are learning to make a game on the side, try Godot first. You won't be disappointed.
It would be best if you learned game programming the same way you'd learn any new skill. First, understand the fundamentals; this is important. Most people learning a new skill sometimes overlook this detail. I go over the fundamentals of general programming and game development in my series. As you are studying, you need to write down everything you learned. It's always great to have something to go back to when you misremembered some detail. Lastly, it would help if you practiced what you have recently learned. It would help if you hammered down everything you know with practice. If you never practice, you never get better. It's that simple.
It depends. Are you looking to program for yourself, or do you dream of one day working for a AAA game company? When it comes to game programming, there are two dominant game engines: Unreal Game Engine and Unity Game Engine. Unreal uses C++; Unity uses and supports C#. I teach using Godot, which uses its GDScript programming language. Outside of the application, you cannot use GDScript for anything. If you want a job, stick to one of the main two engines. If you're going to learn for yourself and make indie games, Godot and GDScript are a great place to start if you have never programmed before. My series are all aimed towards beginners, with lots of information packed into each episode.
Again it depends. If you want a job in the game industry, you may wish to learn something else, such as C++ and C#. If you want to make games easily, prototype quickly, then Godot is the application for you. At best, it will be the only game engine you wish to program in; at worst, it may be the application you use to create a quick game prototype you use to do player testing before finalizing and moving forward with a different game engine.
GDScript is Godot's primary programming language. Most tutorials you will find out there will teach in GDScript. GDScript also gets a lot of support and love in the community, and it is improving. Godot is also in the process of improving it's C# capabilities, so soon, you'll have two programming languages to choose from when building your game.
Yes! Godot can make android, iOS, and PC games. You can export games to the console through third-party companies, such as the switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.
The skies the limit once you have learned and mastered GDScript and the Godot Game Engine basics! If you are starting, I recommend learning design principles, code smells, and design patterns. However, after my first two series, I would recommend getting out there and creating games to share with the Godot community on Reddit.